MABU - the best stance for strong legs of the Shaolin kung-fu martial art

Are you looking for an unusual alternative to total strengthening of your legs? Then try the centuries-proven MABU stance method from the Shaolin Kung-Fu style.

Shaolin kung-fu stance MABU - the best and most important exercise for strong legs

Since I have been working as a personal trainer for over twelve years and I have been practicing Shaolin kung fu for over ten years, over time both areas are beginning to merge into one whole. For this reason, I chose one of the basic postures of Shaolin Kung-Fu named MABU, which significantly comprehensively strengthens legs, guides energy in the body and supports the start of a small celestial circuit.

How to properly practice Shaolin kung-fu stance MABU?

Take the correct position of your head, torso, lower and upper limbs while standing and slowly lower yourself to a position where you are still able to keep your feet facing forward and your torso perpendicular to the ground. Over time, you will succeed in deepening your position. The master level is in a position where the thighs are almost horizontal to the ground and the torso is still perpendicular to the surface of the ground. In the beginning, you can also practice this position by leaning your straight back against the wall and slowly lowering your center of gravity or you can lightly support your heels.

What difficulty of Shaolin kung-fu exercise in MABU to choose?

From the beginning, try to divide the durations in the MABU position into 4 sets. Start without timing and just feel. Which means, when it hurts, stop and start again when you're ready. After a while, start tracking the time in MABU and track your break as well. I recommend 30 seconds of endurance and 30 seconds of rest. Later, I recommend practicing MABU only in two sets with a duration of 60 seconds and a 60-second break. And finally, without a break, you can last 3 minutes, which is already a very good performance.

The details of the correct execution of MABU?

Key Points of Correct Shaolin Kung Fu Technique for MABU Stance:

  • head - the chin forms a right angle and the head is an extension of the torso
  • palms facing each other and fingers extended and pointing upwards (thumbs curled in palms)
  • arms are outstretched
  • the shoulders are down and pulled back
  • the trunk is straight and perpendicular to the surface of the ground
  • the pelvis is slightly lowered to keep the back straight
  • the knees are almost above the ankles
  • the feet point straight ahead, do not turn the toes to the sides

The exercise will not take you more than 5 minutes and you can be sure that your lower limbs will become stronger and significantly firmer. If you are interested in more amazing techniques from Shaolin kung-fu, then it is possible to go to the group lessons of the Shaolin kung-fu Prague and the Tai-chi Prague. I personally lead the lessons. I´m looking forward to seeing you there.

Mgr. Ondřej Diviš

Instructor of the Martial arts Prague
Personal trainer at home
Author of the XUpTrainer - joints-friendly homegym equipment