Osteoporosis - improve your bone density and bone health by joints-friendly exercises

How to improve your bone density and your bone health by low impact on joints exercises?

Osteoporosis or decalcification of bones is caused by several factors, but in this article we will focus on one of the important factors and that is the lack of movement. The movement is natural and very important for a man, but over the time the movement structures wear out and it is necessary to choose movements that save the musculoskeletal system or are at least more gentle on it.

Synovial fluid, which flows into the joint, contributes to the proper function of the joints. It contributes to the proper function of the joint and also nourishes it. For this reason, it is appropriate to include joint mobilization exercises before each physical activity, which prepare the body and especially the joints for a greater load. Examples are round moves with the head, arms, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. This is the best way to exercise the whole body from head to toe. It is also advisable to include stretching the back and torso using firm support -bending and deflecting the back and chest.

Suitable physical activities for osteoporosis are generally movements and exercises that are low impact on joints. These are movements where there is no load on the weight bags in the joints. All these movements are not only a suitable prevention of osteoporosis, but also alleviate bone density regression.

Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

Specifically, cycling is recommended, for the elderly quite demanding, but even riding an e-bike is suitable and it is no longer so physically demanding. A stationary exercise bike can be recommended if you have balance problems. The disadvantage of cycling is the involvement of only the lower body and overloading the shoulders and neck muscles. It is therefore appropriate to support this activity with exercises for the upper half of the body and stretching of the neck muscles, such as bows and foreheads with the head at different angles.

If we pay attention to the principles of exercise in osteoporosis, so we do exercises that means low impact on the joints, then we should avoid all pressure exercises and do only fluid controled movements in the joints. Machines that allow us to exercise healthy whole body can be found in the gym and are called Cable cross over machines, here you can set the desired resistance and continuously train the upper half of the body, so that you keep the muscles in overall harmony muscle tone. For those who go to the gym is complicated, we can recommend the XUpTrainer home gym equipment for exercise at home, which uses the method of fluid movements with your own body weight, so every move is joints-friendly exercise which means that every exercise with XUP is a low impact on joints workout and suitable for improving a bone density and prevention of osteoporosis.

Another suitable way to move overall is swimming. However, pay attention to the correct swimming style and water temperature. The swimming styles back stroke and crawl are especially suitable for your back and neck. Breast stroke technique, even if you dive your head, the lumbar and cervical spine is rather overloaded and this is undesirable. If a crawl or a back stroke is difficult for you, then I recommend a swimming board. Swim with the plate between the arms in a above head position and alternately move your arms in the rhytm of the swimming style. In particular, pay attention to the flowing position of the chest so that the spine is in a horizontal position during the entire engagement cycle. The water  temperature should not fall below 26 ° Celsius.

I recommend choosing a suitable physical activity, which you are able to perform every day for at least 30 minutes. Create a healthy habit and you will improve your bone density and certainly alleviate or stop the onset or progression of osteoporosis. It is never too late to start moving healthily and today's possibilities are wide.

Mgr. Ondřej Diviš
Fitness trainer, XUpTrainer author