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If you want to improve your fitness, be healthier and get in shape ... and most importantly, keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try my personal training for FREE and find out how you can work on your health for a long time. Write the message ✉

Coverage of trainer at home:


  • FreshAkademie - accredited educational center
  • FitOneAcademy - accredited training center
  • Business Institute - professional educational MBA program
  • Refit - massage courses
  • Nutris - Healthy Nutrition Consultant


  • since 2017 - personal trainer
  • since 2018 - masseur
  • since 2020 - consultant for healthy nutrition


  • FreshAkademie - fitness instructor
  • FreshAkademie - fitness trainer
  • FreshAkademie - bodybuilding coach II. class
  • FitOneAcademy - fitness instructor
  • ReFit Massage School - Massage license
  • Nutris - Healthy Nutrition Consultant

Foreign languages:

  • Czech, English

Recommendation !!!

date 21.3. 2023, rated: Tamsin Copans

My journey with Richard first began when I was 2 Months post Partum .Richard was professional , knowledgeable and helpful in giving me workouts that would help regain muscle and strength in my core and help with lower back strength that was compromised after birth . I started first just working on his programmed at home - then started working inside the gym with Richard when I had more time . He has really developed and shifted my body composition . I have a lot more muscle tone and strength . I feel good after my workout and enjoy the motivation Richard helps with to keep investing into my health and fitness . He keeps our sessions interesting and I have learnt many different exercises that I didn’t even know existed . I have lost all my pregnancy weight ( 18 kg ) . Richard has given me so much information about nutrition , exercise and many tips and tricks . I highly recommend this trainer .

Outstanding Personal Trainer

date 27.11. 2022, rated: Julie Cole

I´d been looking for a personal trainer for a while and came across Richard. After one session with him, I was hooked. He is extremely passionate, fun, friendly, and takes the time to explain muscle groups, exercises, how to do it correctly, where you should be feeling it etc. I can feel muscles in my body that I never knew existed before :) He makes each session fun and dynamic and is truly dedicated to his clients. I highly recommend! An outstanding personal trainer!

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Price conditions:

  • I offer sample session - YES, for free
  • FREE sample training
  • Training at home 1000 CZK base + amount for difficulty and transport.
  • Gym workout since 600 CZK

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