Personal trainers Praha-východ

Personal trainer Praha-východ - our personal trainers are educated fitness professionals. Choose your trainer with services that best fit you. Your goals will be achieved with us!

Trainers name Specialization Locations Price Intro session
Michal Vondrášek Fitness, Strenght and Functional training Praha 10, Nymburk, Praha-východ, Praha 9, Kolín, Praha 8 650 CZK Yes - For free
Mgr. Ondřej Diviš Fitness, Nutrition, XUpTrainer, KungFu Praha 1, Praha 2, Praha 3, Praha 4, Praha 5, Praha 6, Praha 7, Praha 8, Praha 9, Praha 10, Praha-západ, Praha-východ 1200 CZK Yes - 800czk