Exercise equipment for workout at home all in one - recommended

Joints-friendly exercises and low impact workoutsJoints-friendly exercises to stay fit at any age - XUpTrainer

Be fit at any age thanks to healthy joints-friendly exercises with your own body weight. Also suitable for a treatment and prevention of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Fix it to a door frame at home or to a branch outside and strengthen total body. The multi gym XUpTrainer is made of quality materials in the Czech Republic (EU).


Original exercises for a total body

XUP is a fitness equipment allows you to do unique exercises for a full body workout at home or in a gym, facilitates each movement, allows you to do low impact on joints exercises and accelerates results.

Your total gym solution for joints-friendly workouts

XUpTrainer brings completely new joints-friendly workouts, replacing most of the classic fitness exercise machines including TRX Suspension Trainer and Total Gym.

Portable gym to exercise anywhere anytime

XUP is a portable multi gym that facilitates bodyweight workout and can be used to exercise at your home gym or to workout outside in the park or at your gym.


XUpTrainer - laid outXUpTrainer - suspendedXUpTrainer - packed in a bag


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