Exercise outdoors with a personal trainer


For outdoor workouts under supervision of a personal trainer all that is required is good weather and a suitable place in nature (park, garden). This place is chosen by you and the exercise equipment is brought by the personal trainer.


  • You train in nature with fresh air.
  • You save your free time, which can be wasted in traffic jam.
  • You train safely and effectively under the control of a professional.
  • You get a maximum workout and best results for yourself thanks to your trainers motivation.

Our training philosophy:

During our work with clients, we prefer varied and entertaining exercises, which have a positive impact on harmonization of muscle tone.

Our training methods:

We use methods of core-training, manual resistance, cardio kickboxing, assisted stretching and massage of neck muscles. Exercises are supported by balance, workout and boxing tools. We also use TRX for exercise - a special exercise aid that allows us to create an appropriate fitness environment.