Female personal trainer Prague Hana Boháčová

I train clients in a friendly atmosphere, and by respecting their physical capabilities I lead them towards their goals. My specialization is physio-fitness, where overall body movements are trained, during which muscle chains are involved. In this way, the body is not overloaded, instead it gets into balance through gradual exercise. My training sessions are suitable both, for active athletes and also for clients with health problems caused by e.g. sedentary work or other unilateral load.

Coverage of female personal trainer Prague:


  • Personal trainer since 2016.


  • Fitness instructor for condition training (3DFA Academy)
  • TRX course - functional training
  • Stomach muscles from all sides (3DFA Academy)
  • Diagnostics and compensation (3DFA Academy course)

Foreign languages:

  • Czech native speaker, English

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Price conditions:

  • I offer sample session - YES, 500 CZK
  • Sample lesson 500 CZK
  • 10x session 11 000 CZK

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