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Saves time, motivates and speeds up results.

Would you like to lose weight, strengthen and shape your body effectively. Is your goal to improve condition, get rid of a back pain and feel healthy. We´re here to help you.

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Best female and male personal fitness trainers at home Prague and Czech Rep.

Welcome on the biggest website with the best female and male personal trainers at home in Prague and from whole Czech Rep. Choose a male or female personal fitness trainer in your area for the reasonable price and with the services which fit you the best.

Why to train with our personal fitness trainers?

  • Workout at home saves time - a personal trainer delivers training to you.
  • Learning proper technique brings best results
  • Customized fitness plan focusses on areas and results specific to you.
  • Personal trainers can help with your nutrition plan.
  • Each of our personal trainers is a highly qualified professional.
  • We have the most comprehensive list of personal trainers for in home fitness from Prague and from whole Czech Republic.
  • Trainers and programs are competitively priced -> you get quality services at a reasonable price.

Fitness Personal Trainer PragueOur clients are usually short on free time and need to have a fully customized personal trainer to achieve the specific results they are looking for.  Our services are suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities. Training at home is a flexible option for mothers on maternity leave who want to get in shape but prefer to stay at home with your baby.

Whatever your reasons, you can try an introductory session at no charge. Most of our trainers offer a free one hour sample session. We bring this the best home gym equipment to you and also we are using this the best fitness machines for home.

For best results, we recommend exercising with a trainer at least twice a week. Our personal trainers can also help you compose a nutrition plan. A proper nutrition plan can significantly shorten the period needed to achieve your training goals.

A personal trainer saves time, improves the technique of the exercises performed and significantly accelerates the results of the exercises. Exercising at home is suddenly more effective and more fun. A personal trainer will become your guide, psychologist and motivator. For specific information about the offer of personal trainer services in your place of residence, please send us the contact form shown on the right.

We look forward to you. For a team of personal trainers at home, Mgr. Ondřej Diviš, personal trainer and project manager.

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