Personal trainer Helena Olmrová

I used to be junior ski racer, now I focus on fitness, yoga, running and zhong yuan qigong. Choose your favourite method, I will help you to reach your goal. The most frequent tasks I solve with my clients are body strengthening, loosing weight and back pain. Ideal training composes from fitness due to muscles strenghtening, running for weight reduction and physical condition, and yoga with compensatory exercises for muscles imbalances. Choose your way to be in good shape.

Coverage of trainer at home:


  • To be agreed


  • Ing., MBA


  • Fitness coach since 2006
  • Qigong instructor since 2012
  • Ski instructorsince 2013
  • Yoga instructor since 2018


  • Fitness coach since 2006 (Tlapák)
  • Ski instructor since 2013
  • Qigong instructor since 2012
  • Yoga instructor since 2018
  • Yoga for kids, 2018

Foreign languages:

  • ENG

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Price conditions:

  • I offer sample session - YES, 850CZK
  • 1x 60 minutesof personal training 1.000 CZK
  • Training plan preparation - 1.000 CZK
  • Meal/Diet plan preparation - 1.500 CZK

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