Abs exercise - in 10 minutes flat abdomen

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This article is according to a training video "Flat Belly". You can find in the video effective workout for flat stomach which you can reach in short time. You will use all important abdominal muscles layers. We like with XUP effective short time workouts focus on fast results. Do it every day and you will get your flat belly.

Slim belly workout video.

1) How to choose a proper difficulty for Abs workout

In general, do the exercise several times than you can feedback how you feel your back and stomach. If you feel pain in the lower back area and you cannot hold your pelvis slightly pulled, then you need to make it easier for you. If you manage to pass the workout without any pain in your belly, then it is necessary to make the exercise more difficult. Depends on the type of the exercise, the difficulty can be changed by moving your support points forward or backward. You can change the difficulty fluently during the exercises.

2) What is the right technique for Abdomen exercises

The right exercise technique is to keep all your body segments in the right position throughout the whole exercise. While are you exercising your abdomen, focus on the following segments - the chin is at right angle to the neck, the head is in one line with spine, the shoulders are down and slightly backwards, the pelvis is slightly pulled.

3) How to breath during Belly exercises

Breath control is very important during exercising abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles are auxiliary exhalation muscles. In order to activate them to their full extent during exercise, it is important to exhale when the abdominal muscles are shortening. Conversely, the inhalation should occur when you are extending the abdominal muscles. Try to breathe through your nose all the times while exercising your abdomen and try to direct your breath to the lower belly.

To achieve the result as soon as possible, exercise your belly every day. The exercise will entertain you with XUP and you will get your results soon. I wish you a strong will and let´s go for it.

Article author: Mgr. Ondřej Diviš