Personal Fitness Trainer - Is good for a beginner?

How recognize good or bad personal trainer and what is important for your training.

Whether you are starting an exercise, or you have to search deep in your memory for the last move, maybe it is time to contact a personal fitness trainer. How to know a good coach and how can trainer help you?

  •  What does a personal trainer do?
  •  Is a personal trainer good for a beginner?
  •  How to know a good coach?
  •  How to know the wrong coach?
  •  When you can see the results?

Personal fitness trainer

What does a personal trainer do?

The differences between the coaches are huge - not only in quality, but above all in focus. Within one fitness center, you will come across specialists in the field of building muscle mass, cardia, martial arts or those who are more engaged in a health exercise.

A personal trainer knows how the body works and can coordinate your movements. For inexperienced exercisers, one wrong move can lead from muscle strain to permanent complications in the case of long-term recurrence. The trainer should explain to you how to do the individual exercises and complex movements correctly. He can also motivates you when the energy is running low and you have to squeeze the most out of you.

Is a personal trainer good for a beginner?

  • Personal trainer would save your time spent on your way to reach your fitness goals.
  • The personal trainer will explain the basic movements to you from the very beginning to prevent injuries.
  • You set a reasonable load limit for each rep, you add a cardio plan.
  • Optimally you say something to your diet so that the results are visible as soon as possible - you usually have an unbalanced diet.
  • In the case of a set diet, this does not necessarily mean that you will suffer. Often, even in the case of weight loss, you will eat more than you have eaten so far - only the composition of the diet will be different.
  • Surely your coach may also recommend certain supplements. If you are looking for ones that will help you lose weight.

How to know a good coach?

  • Knowing a good coach is hard, especially for a beginner. It is good to have an appointment before setting up regular training - here you will discuss your strengths and weaknesses, the menu and find out if you will sit personally.
  • The basic things to know a good coach include:
  • the character being worked on
  • has references - you will often come to recommendations,
  • the training plan and possible diet will be tailored to your goal (gain muscle mass, lose excess fat, draw specific parts, get a better physique…),
  • has clear rules regarding cancellations and relocations.
  • At the training session, you will know whether the exercise really understands, can explain the movements to you clearly, and after the exercise you will leave the gym - but only so.
  • The main thing is that you sit humanly - you won't enjoy it without it.
  • During the first training sessions, you will find out whether the coach can combine the exercises in an interesting way, he will invent a new set for each training.

How to know the wrong coach?

  • You don't want to waste your time throwing money out the window or destroying your body. You know a good coach, a bad one will be the exact opposite.
  • it's physically worse off than you are
  • training is still the same all over, without innovation in exercises
  • he shouts at you and can't explain and show the exercises clearly
  • he doesn't have time on his calendar and there aren't many dates to train for
  • it can't tell you at least something about the basics of eating - and that's what food is all about

When can I expect results?

Every body is different and there are also a lot of variables. You can see the first results after a month or two, if you go for it. Diet, maximum training effort and a regular regimen, including quality sleep, are important.

Wish you a good luck when you choose your personal trainer. :)